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Friday, May 30, 2014

Ribbon Cutting A Home Away From Home

On Wednesday the Chamber of Commerce had a ribbon cutting at the new day care center, A Home Away From Home in the old Horton Building.
The little girl in the tutu was eager to show people around the building.

I noticed that the entranceway was made of cast iron. A century of foot traffic has worn part of it smooth and obscured the manufacturers name. You can still make out the "Aurora Ill."
They were eager to welcome Mayor Wood to the ceremony.

I missed the city council meeting on Tuesday night because I had another meeting I had to attend. The mayor told me that the council had had a good discussion about the land east of Weston Cemetery that the city had been hoping to develop as a park. The many DNR requirements probably make the project way too expensive.

The fire department has announced on its Facebook page that it has purchased one of the old fire trucks used by the department in the 1940s and plans to restore it. SJC has received a grant to aid in getting students into internships. Fair Oaks Farms published another picture of the restaurant showing paving that was not there a week or two ago when I was there and announcing an opening of July 1.  The Hog Roast sponsored by CDC Resources to help fund their programs for intellectually and developmentally disabled adults will take place this evening from 5:00 until 8:00. I hope to see you there. Maybe you will  be able meet both the outgoing executive director and the incoming executive director.


Capouch said...
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Capouch said...

Try again. The rubbed-off name was "Love Bros," and somewhat famous late-nineteenth-century manufacturer of municipal iron such as manhole covers, thresholds, etc.

Here is a page from a Sanborn fire map showing their plant.