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Friday, May 23, 2014

The FOF Restaurant and Market

When I went to the groundbreaking ceremony for the FOF Pork Education Center, I checked out the construction progress on the almost-completed restaurant.
 The restaurant was originally scheduled to open June 1, but now it will partially open late June and fully open to the public on July 1. The building under construction to the right will be a market and bakery, a place you can buy food. Since half the building will have room to host conference dining, there should be a lot of part-time jobs available--conferences are irregular. Hiring has started.
 The chimney of the restaurant may look like it is made of stone, but the stones are only decorative facing.
 Here better view of the market building that is under construction. You can find out more about it and the restaurant from youtube videos here and here. There are pictures of the construction on Fair Oaks Farms Facebook page, such as this one.
 There is an orchard being planted somewhere on the property. The Green Gate Garden encouraged me--my garden is about in the same state.
Fair Oaks Farms is celebrating its tenth anniversary. It has come a long way in ten years. I wonder what it will be like on its 20th anniversary.

Are you ready for the Air Show?

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