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Monday, May 12, 2014

The sirens work (updated)

Last night we learned that Rensselaer's tornado sirens work. They were on for about half an hour. That is an estimate--we lost power shortly after they started, and I eventually went to bed early before the power came back on. We did not get any unusual wind, though I see on Facebook that there were apparent touchdowns near Collegeville and near the Interstate at the SR 114 intersection. The forecast for this week is more rain. The toads seem excited--they were very noisy last night, though I do not know if there is enough standing water around for them to mate.

Last week's nice weather had people doing summer things, like playing in the parks or riding bikes. (Going up the slide can be more fun than going down it.)
These two kids were very disappointed that there was no water in the swimming pool, but they did have fun improving their bike and trike riding skills.
 The trees are finally getting their leaves.

SJC has finished the semester and graduated another class. The people attending the graduation got the nice weather of Saturday. If the graduation had been on Mother's Day, some of them would have been caught in last night's storms.

Update: F Dennis Riegelnegg has announced to the SJC community that he has submitted a letter of resignation to the president of the board of trustees. No date is given for his last day, but my guess is that he will stay until a replacement is hired. Also, John Nichols will be the interim VP for Academic Affairs, taking the position of Daniel Blankenship, who has accepted a position with Eureka College in Illinois.

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