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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Just the messenger

This morning I was up early and noticed water running into the storm sewer on the other side of the street. Intrigued, I followed it back to its source and found water seeping out of cracks in the pavement. Maybe it was a new spring. Or maybe the water main that lies beneath and that connects the water treatment plant with the water pumps north of town was leaking. I called the utility emergency number, which connects to the police department, and reported my find.
An hour or so later a fleet of city vehicles was on the site and a backhoe was digging up the street. I am sure the neighbors were wondering what all the racket was.
 The crew brought strange vehicles. I do not know what this one does.
This one pumps the water out of the hole so they can get to the pipe.
Because the leak is on the pipe between the pumps and the water treatment plant, it should not cause any interruption of water service--unless they cannot get it fixed for a few days, in which case we would run out of water. However, the crew seems to have gotten a lot of practice recently fixing these leaks, so they should have it all fixed before some Rensselaerians are up for the day.

Update: The city guys were fast. They had it fixed by about 8:30.

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You saved the day!