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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Busy Saturday (Part 1)

The Saturday a week before the start of the Jasper County Fair is alway busy, and today had the extra attraction of an open house at the new Dollar General Store. There were people waiting outside before it opened, with the line wrapped around the front of the building to the side. You would have thought that they were giving away money.
 Actually, they were. The first 50 adults got a $10 Dollar General gift card. The queue began at 7:15 and when the store opened, there were 54 people in it. Though the last four did not get the gift card, they did get a tote bag with some freebies. But then so did the people who came two hours later.

Today was also clean-up date at the fairgrounds. I do not remember the commercial building having these side walls, though perhaps it did last year.
 However, this little barn is new. The Farm Bureau will sell their milk shakes from here.
There were porches being added to one of the pig barns. They will protect the animals from heat of the sun.
Across the highway the EEA fly in was underway. I got there early enough this year to see most of the planes. (A lot of the pilots come early and leave early, so by noon quite a few of them are gone.) This strange little plane left about ten minutes after I took its picture.
Below is another odd little plane getting ready to leave.
I noticed that Titan has a sign up where the MacAllister building will be built, but there is no sign of any construction.
I have been busy for the the past two months searching for my inner princess, but I am happy to report that the quest is finished.

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Anonymous said...

The changes to the commercial building are new. Our fairgrounds are always changing and improving.