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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


For some reason the Purdue football team was practicing at Saint Joe today. They were accompanied by a small fleet of Big Ten Network vehicles and personnel.
 There were also four buses that transported the football team behind the fieldhouse.

I was impressed with the stage they set up, complete with lights and two television cameras.

A closer look at the set. This will at some point appear on the Big Ten Network.

There were players scrimmaging or running plays. In the middle of the field was a man holding something on a pole. A camera? A microphone? What do you think was up there?
There are more pictures from the Twitter feed of the Big Ten Network, including a picture of the players talking to some little kids, who may have come over from the Jasper County youth center on Sparling Ave.

I asked serveral people why Purdue was at SJC and did not get a good answer. Apparently this was a closed practice (or at least one of the SJC people told me that after I was done taking pictures) and he said that there would be a scrimmage open to the public this afternoon. But who knows? There may be more info on the SJC Facebook page.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the good coverage of Purdue practicing at Saint Joseph's College yesterday. Wow! I like that tradition and hope it continues.