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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Truck show 2014

One of the attractions at the Fall Festival last weekend was a truck show. Last year's Fall Festival also had a truck show, but there were quite a few different vehicles in this year's show. I forgot to get the date and model of this old, rusty truck, but a close examination of the original photo reveals that it is a Mack B-6-0. Behind it is a livestock trailer that was modified to serve as a display room. The sign on the trailer, which you can barely read below, says "Jim and Jean Gingerich's 'Growing Up with Trucks' Museum." It contained a lot of pictures plus two diesel truck motors.
 In addition to trucks, there were some other vehicles. This bus was from 1951.
 A peek inside showed that after its career as a bus, it was converted into a RV. It was in rough shape.
 This old milk delivery truck was a 1965 DIVCO. The milk delivery business was dying by 1965 where I lived--the arrival of supermarkets was driving them out of business.
 The oldest truck on display was a 1920 Nelson LeMoon truck. The company lasted from 1910 to 1939 and made only about 3000 trucks.
 It did not even have a radio.
 Also at the truck show, though at some distance from the other trucks, where some old military vehicles, some from WWII. They had been carefully restored to it was difficult for a casual observer to recognize which were the really old ones and which were more recent.
Update: Because of the heavy rains on Saturday, not many people got to see these vehicles.

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Gene said...

The old trucks reminded me that I, too, am getting old. I well remember when we got our milk from a home delivery truck in the early and middle 1950s. It was Meadow Gold Milk and our delivery driver was Roscoe Peacock. Each delivery usually consisted of two quarts of whole milk and a pint of heavy cream (in glass bottles) and a large container of Cottage Cheese.