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Monday, September 29, 2014

Oktoberfest and Elvis

The weather was ideal for the annual Oktoberfest celebration last weekend. A band from Indianapolis, the Meister Winds, played German music at the start of the evening.
 The court house is much more visible from the street because two trees were removed a couple months ago.

WLFI was taking video and interviewing for their 10 o'clock broadcast. They also have more photos, as does Visit Rensselaer.
 As the twilight began deepening and the crowds began growing, I left for a second event, the Elvis concert that was a fund raiser for CDC Resources. The performer, Kurt Lechner, was one of the musicians on the free stage at this years Jasper County Fair, but I was not able to get out the night he was performing. He is a performer and enjoys working the crowd.
A couple notes from surrounding towns. Wolcott has been having extensive changes made to their streets and sidewalks and the Wolcott Facebook page has been documenting them. The Morocco post office has a new front. And the old Stuckey's gas station on the intersection of I65 and US 231 has been demolished. A week ago I drove past and all the trees had been cut down and were still smoldering, so I suspected that the end was near for the long-abandoned building.

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