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Friday, September 5, 2014

Little Cousin Jasper Festival (Updated)

People were busy setting up the Little Cousin Jasper Festival today. New was a sound booth that will be next to the main stage by the court house.
 There are lots of booths selling lots of things. Most do not seem to be local. It seems to me that there are more food booths this year than there were in the past--perhaps that is because the Fall Festival is not competing for the weekend. (Although it is a bit--the demolition derby that was rained out will be held Saturday at 7:30 with fireworks following.)
 Early this afternoon some storms blew up just east of Rensselaer and the clouds were spectacular.
 I found a few Rensselaer businesses that I did not know previously know. Specialty Cakes by Stacy is located on Airport Road just south of the southeast entrance. I have seen the sign when I am on that part of Airport Road. They were selling cupcakes, but the main reason they had booth was to let people know that the make big cakes for all occasions.
 Log Creations specializes in outdoor log furniture.
 Photos by Jenny is a fairly new business--the owner has only lived in Rensselaer a year.

The beer garden was ready to open at 4:00.
 The stage for the Jasper Jamboree was being set up. It will take place at 6:00, followed by Sheltered Reality at 7:00. I am not sure when the rain is scheduled to hit.
In other news, the Taco Bell by Interstate will open tomorrow, Saturday.

Update: The storm front interrupted the Jasper Jamboree, but not before the audience got to hear some great songs, like "If my nose ran with money, I would blow it all on you."
I forgot to mention that Morocco is getting a Dollar General store. It will open later this month.

Update 2: More pictures here.

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Glory d said...

The success of LCJ having more vendor & food booths has to do with the wonderful LCJ committee hard work in seeking quality vendors & by word of mouth from the present vendors. The price to reserve a 12x12 lot for 3 days is inexpensive & the profit very nice. My husband is Co-Chair of LCJ and in charge of both the food & craft booths, his phone is ringing off the hook!