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Monday, October 6, 2014

Capturing the Current

The Jasper County Art League has a new exhibit at the Fendig Gallery called Capturing the Current:An Artist's View of Electricity. It will run through October. The reception for the show was held on Friday evening and featured music from a local boy band. (They were very good.)
 There were a lot of people at the reception, which is not really a surprise because all the art was done by members of the Jasper County Art League. If you are familiar with our local artists, you should recognize that Bonnie Zimmer did the assemblage on the floor. (This type of arrangement of items has a name, but I do not remember what it is.)
 When you enter the gallery, you are greeted by this large painting. by Gail Woolever titled "Fair Skies... A Lineman's Dream." It is based on a photo that the artist got from REMC, which helped sponsor the cxhibit.
 This picture it titled "Security" and was painted by Christine Herre. It has artificial and natural light--notice the fireflies at the bottom of the painting.
 It took me a while to see the electricity connection in this painting by Judy Wetli and titled "Rutt Farm." Then I noticed the windmill between the buildings.
 Carol Whaley painted "Bright Idea," a watercolor.
There is a lot of variety in the various creations on exhibit. For more pictures, see here and here.

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