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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Out of town

On two days this past week I traveled out of town. On one of those trips I drove up US 231 through Wolcott. I discovered that the Dairy Queen at the 193 mile-marker exit is gone, replaced less than a month ago by something called Ludy's Burgers.

I stopped in Wolcott to see what they were doing with their sidewalks, something that the Wolcott Facebook page has mentioned a lot. They have installed what appears to brick dividers between the sidewalks and the street
 Below is another view, taken on a rainy day that does not show the sidewalks at their best. Wolcott has a small downtown that has some very nice old buildings. It is nice to see the community trying to make their little downtown as attractive as possible.
At Pleasant Ridge workers were re-roofing a large conical storage bin and they looked tiny on it. Unfortunately I was not able to take a picture.

Along the various highways less than half the fields had been harvested. I saw no one out in the fields harvesting, which was not surprising considering the weather.

The maple trees seem to be especially colorful this year and this week most are at peak color. A good example of their color is shown in the picture below. If the sun were out and the sky was blue, the leaves would be even brighter.

Today Town and Country was busy paving College Avenue. They finished the whole road but did not finish some of the connections at the intersections.


Anonymous said...

I am jealous of Wolcott and many other small towns who have added attractive lighting and street landscapes to their downtowns. When will the City of Rensselaer find those funds to do likewise?

Don said...

Was surprised to see that DQ and Stucky's seem to have changed hands to Ludy's and BP, though it still may be Wayfara overall. My wife and I tried Ludy's and the food was good. Tenderloin sandwiches were huge, and the sides were good. Ludy's still has a somewhat 'DQ' feel, and even still have a Blizzard equivalent.

Anonymous said...

Driving up to Wolcott from Rensselaer is long trip much better to drive Down