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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Out of town

I have taken a couple short trips out of town this week and while in the car took some pictures of places I have mentioned in past posts.

This is the view of Hang Grove as you head west. A landmark building is gone.
 Only a few fields are unharvested in our area. The Pleasant Ridge elevator is storing grain in the open. (I know its a terrible picture, but it is better than the others I took.)
 At the intersection of SR 14 and SR 49 the dairy supply store is nearing completion.
Several weeks ago CSX cut strips on some of our railroad crossings, including on the newly repaved Cullen Avenue crossing. (Shown below is the Jefferson Street Crossing.) Driving south of Monon I noticed that the crossings were torn up and mostly impassible. In a week or two or three expect the CSX crews to be tearing up some of our crossings and repairing them.

Update: CSX is getting closer.

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Anonymous said...

Grain can't be shipped because of the crude oil and coal clogging the tracks?