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Tuesday, December 16, 2014


The library has some new toys in their play loft that encourage building, legos and blocks.
The blocks are not made of wood but rather of a soft plastic.
 The last time I took them to the library, my charges complained that they missed the play telephones, the ones that had a rotary dials. There are still some of the older toys available, like the one that teaches kids how to open up various kids of latches.
 There is actual building activity in the College Mall. The spaces between one of the rentals and Subway are being subdivided into little spaces. It does not appear it retail will be moving in.
 Walls are going up on the MacAllister building east of the airport.
 I was excited to see this vehicle last week.
 It was the truck of Jasper County Weights and Measures, which checks to make sure that gas pumps and scales are accurate. I sat through several county meetings that discussed the need for Jasper County to hire an employee to handle weights and measures. In the past the county had outsourced the job, but it had reached a level (maybe population) that meant that it now had to have its own Weights and Measures employee. Then the position was mentioned at more meetings as it was implemented. Now it is done and in operation.

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