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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas decorations and a challenge

I visited the Historical Society Museum this morning to see the Christmas exhibit.
The museum had several display cases full of Santa figurines, the collection of one of the members.
 It reminded me of the exhibit at the Library down the street, which had an exhibit of Christmas figures donated from the estate of John and Sharon Schulenburg.
 The Library also has several Christmas trees decorated by local organizations and churches. People can vote for their favorite by leaving donations of food under their preferred tree.
While I was at the Jasper County Historical Museum, several people were discussing the origin of the "Rensselaer Bombers." Here is a challenge for those of you who think you know school history. In what yearbook can you find the page pictured below, which refers to the Rensselaer Bombers? (No prize for the winner except bragging rights.)
I think Judy Kanne will be telling all about this in her next column in the Republican.


Anonymous said...

You beat me to the punch. I put the short version on the Jasper County Historical Society's Facebook page about how the team name "Bombers".

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Allow me to correct my earlier comment of 1938.That would be for the 1938-1939 season and the picture would be published in the 1939 Yearbook. Thank You.

MAD said...

My homeroom students in 1983-84 researched this change-over from Indians to Bombers. It was an interesting pursuit.

Charlie Clawson said...

I am the individual who entered the comment of 1938-1939 Yearbook. I am originally from the Medaryville area and arrived at the answer by researching the old area high school basketball records. I knew nothing of the info having already been posted to the Jasper County Historical Society Facebook page/RCHS Alumni page. My Grandparents' family farm was in Gillam Township. So I hope if I answered the challenge correctly, no one will take offense by having an "outsider" give the correct answer. Thank You.