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Friday, December 26, 2014

Food news

Fair Oaks Farms had a link on their Facebook page to an NPR article about their re-invention of milk. I had seen things about this before, but this article was the first time that I understood what they were doing. (My daughter sent a different link to the article with different comments.) It is worth reading.

Today I ate at a restaurant in Lafayette and saw two people there who I knew. What are the odds of that happening?

Coming back into Rensselaer I noticed a new sign on South College. (It was not a surprise--see here.)
 I checked inside and found that the construction had not been completed. The new Noble Roman's Pizza is scheduled to open on January 16 in the entrance to Blockbuster.


Anonymous said...

You have Interesting information here about the Dairy and more pizza for Rensselaer.

Anonymous said...

Just what Rensselaer needs: more pizza. I hadn't heard about this new one. Personally, I think a nice "all-purpose" restaurant or a steak house would be a great addition to Rensselaer's eating establishments.