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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hanging Grove and some odd, old news

I have heard stories that Hanging Grove Township got its name from a hanging (execution) that took place there. However, here is a very different account of the source of the name from an article in the Rensselaer Union of March 9, 1876 (Vol VIII No 25).
The article was a reflection on the old times.

I found the above item as I was searching through very early Rensselaer newspapers looking for some obituaries. I could not find any obituaries--apparently it was not something the papers covered back then. I was struck by how little local news they had. Most of the coverage was for national and political news, and the papers also included stuff that was not news at all, things like humor and other bits of entertainment. The local news was confined to a column. Here are some of the things in the local news column from Feb 24 of the same newspaper (which seems to have been at best a weekly);
 There were a lot of blacksmiths in 1876, and probably also a lot of alcohol.
 The item that really caught my attention, though, was this one.
The old newspapers are on microfilm. There is a way to get better screen shots, but I did not have a flash drive with me so instead I just took pictures of the screen.

As for obituaries, the library is working on an index of obituaries published in local papers. They have a list of obituaries that were published in the Rensselaer Republican from 1910-1939 and from 1950-59 and are working on other decades. It takes a lot of time to go through ten years of newspapers searching for obituaries and then entering the basic data into a spreadsheet.

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Anonymous said...

Growing up in Newland, North Barkley Township in the 1950s, I knew the "Pinkamink River" of the article as the "Pinkamink ditch."