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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Some new things

I noticed a couple of new business this week. R&S Used Furniture opened on Wednesday in the corner space by Long's Gifts.

 It is a small space but they could fit more in. The owners had a booth in the old antique store that is now 24/7 Fitness and sold well there.
 They buy at area auctions. Prices are reasonable. Check them out.
There is another new business inside the old Sears building, Preferred Medical Academy.  The business has been operating from St. John, Indiana, but opened this office in Rensselaer in November. If you want to become a Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA, you can do it through this academy. Some of the training is in the classroom and some of it is on site at places such as the Rensselaer Care Center. The link above is to their Facebook page, but they also have a website with more information.

The business that was  in the outside office at the Kellner Street entrance to the old Sears Building is gone and the space is again for rent. I never saw anyone inside so I never got to learn exactly what the business was, but it seemed to be something about shelving.

Jackson Funeral Home is getting a new exterior.
Below is what the building looked like on January 4.

 In a final bit of news, SJC has hired a new president. Read all about it here.

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