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Friday, February 13, 2015

22nd Annual Regional High School Art Exhibit

Pictures are up for the 22nd Annual Regional High School Exhibit in the lobby of the Core Building at SJC. (Here is a link to a post on the 21st Exhibit.) There are always interesting things on display when the high school students exhibit. Below is a creation that seems to have been an assignment in a Tri-County art class to create an interesting garbage can. 
 My granddaughters would love this pen and ink drawing from a North Newton student.
Two Different KV students did the top and bottom pictures. There is nothing to say whether they were supposed to complement each other as they do.
A Rensselaer Central student did this mixed media portrait.
This ceramic octopus made by a South Newton student must have taken quite a bit of time.
 Perhaps this charcoal drawing of a rabbit is inspired by the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. It was drawn by a West Central student.
There are a lot of interesting items on display. I did not see a poster for the exhibit, so I do not know when it ends.

As I was leaving SJC, I noticed that a portable boiler was hooked up outside of the power plant. SJC converted from coal to natural gas this fall and they had some problems making the switch. Perhaps they have not resolved them all yet. A few years ago I would have known the story about this, but now I get only bits and pieces of information about what is happening there.
I did see, however, that this weekend SJC will host the annual science fair for middle school and high school teams.

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