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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Halleck Exhibit at the Historical Society Museum

The current exhibit at the Jasper County Historical Society is devoted to the career of Charles Halleck. Although it is an exhibit about a man who was an important figure in politics from the middle of the twentieth century, it is not an exhibit that lends itself to interesting pictures.

Halleck Hall at Saint Joseph's College is named after Charles Halleck. On the the day of the dedication (or was it the groundbreaking?) Ike Eisenhower came to Rensselaer to participate in the ceremonies. This drawing is from that day.

 As the one of the top Republicans in the House of Representatives for many years, he interacted with most of the big names in Washington from the period. Dirkson was the senator from Illinois and the minority leader in the Senate.
 Below is a picture of a ticket stub for a celebration that was held in Rochester, Indiana.

The exhibit has informative cards that highlight some key events in this political career.

 When he was majority leader in the house, he was the number two Republican in the House of Representatives. The Speaker of the House was number one. When the Republicans lost control of the house, he challenged the top Republican and became number one as the minority leader. In 1965 he was defeated as minority leader by Gerald Ford.
Though Halleck lived in Rensselaer for a dozen years after I came to town, I have no real memories of him. He is buried in Weston Cemetery and is one of two famous internments there. (I do not belileve that the other one who is listed is actually buried in Weston Cemetery.)

Highlights of his life and career can be found on Wikipedia.

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