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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A uneventful County Council meeting

The County Council met for its monthly meeting on Tuesday night with a short agenda. It made an additional appropriation for training for the sheriff's department. The sheriff's request for about $17,000 had been cut to $2,000 and no one could remember why--it may have been a clerical error. The sheriff argued that without funds for training the department could not meet state requirements. The Council approved adding $15,000 to the budget. The Council also approved a transfer of $400 to a program that is buying iPads for the toxic spills coordinator.

Brad Cozza, the airport manager, gave the Council members a report on the airport's capital improvement program. Of Indiana's 69 public use airports, the Jasper County airport is about the 50th busiest as measured by the state. The councilmen asked questions about hangers and fuel prices.

Councilman Gerrit DeVries reported on some of the events that he has recently attended and urged the councilmen to get out and meet people at various events. He noted that Jasper County had more cows than people. Is that really true or is it an exaggeration that points out that we really do have a lot of cattle in the county?

I was the only citizen with no connection to county government in attendance--others must have looked at the agenda and decided that it would be an uneventful meeting.

On the way home I again noticed the construction going on at the Fifth Third Bank and made a mental note that I should come back on Wednesday and take a picture.
A few weeks ago I stopped by and asked about what I thought was remodeling inside. I was told that it was not remodeling but bracing needed because of roof problems. I expect we will see a pitched roof on the building.

You might not be able to see it, but there is a sign near the entrance announcing that the bank is open.

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