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Thursday, March 5, 2015


The Jasper County Economic Development Organization has released its 2015 Guide to Jasper County Indiana. It has lots of interesting statistics that are not readily available elsewhere. 

Jasper County, the third largest county in the state in terms of area, is the leading agricultural producing county with a market value of product of $357,402,000.

Kankakee Valley Schools have about twice as many students, 3527, as Rensselaer Central Schools, 1685. In turn, RCS have about twice as many students as Tri-County Schools, 758. Other schools serving the county are West Central Schools with just a few Jasper County students, DeMotte Christian School, Saint Augustine School, and Covenant Christian High School in DeMotte with about 100 students.

Jasper County exports more workers than it imports. Workers go to Lake County (2525), Porter (1015), Illinois (426), Newton (354), and Tippecanoe (239). Workers come from Newton (799), Porter (346), White (298), Lake (289), and Pulaski (229).

The report lists major employers, those with 20 or more employees. Some of the largest are branches of government:
Jasper County Hospital 447
Kankakee Valley Schools 392
Rensselaer Central Schools 254
Jasper County 243
City of Rensselaer 84
Jasper County Public Library 43
Cooperative School Services 42

The largest for-profit employer is Advanced Auto Parts in Remington with 417 employees. Other Remington businesses on the list are:
Impact Forge Omni 146
FBI Buildings, Inc 130
Shilli Transportation 90
Monsanto 71
DuPont 66
Reminton Seed 60
Industrial Pallet 55
Smith Transport 53

That is a total of 1088 (if I added right); the population of Remington is only 1185.

Large for-profit employers in Rensselaer are:
ConAgra 220
Leggett& Platt (formerly Sealy Springs) 180
Donaldsons 170
Talbert Manufacturing 147
Rensselaer Care Center 142
Chief Industries 115
Genova/Rensselaer Plastics 85
Stark Truss 57
Titan Construction 45
White Castle Systems 40
Iroquois Bio-Energy 38
Wilson Industrial Sales 37
National Gypsum 36
American Melt Blown/Filer 33
Wm O Hopkins, Inc 31
Ceres Solutions LLP 20

Employers in the DeMotte-Wheatfield area include:
NIPSCO Schahfer Station 300
Georgia Pacific 90
The Hamstra Group 89
Kankakee Valley Steel (Teft) 20

There are several not-for profit employers (or at least I think they are not-for profit organizations): 
Saint Joseph's College 208
Oak Grove Retirement Village (Demotte) 120
White's Residential Services (formerly Christian Haven) 110

There are also two employers with multiple locations:
Bos Dairy Group 181
Belstra Milling/Farms 94

From just looking at the employers, one would expect more population in the southern part of the county than in the northern part. However, a look the outflow of workers from the county explains why that is not the case.

If you want to know more, go to the web page of the Jasper County Economic Development Organization, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on the picture of the 2015 Guide.

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