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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Saturday's events

On Saturday Teen Mission Rensselaer had a fund raiser in the form of a nerf war held at the Rec Center at SJC. They had two sessions of games and also a dinner. It looked like the participants were having a lot of fun.
 Late in the afternoon Trinity United Methodist Church hosted a free Community Fun event at the Fairgrounds. It featured food and games for the kids, including a bounce house that you can see in the picture below. It was very well attended.
 Also offering a free meal was the Little Cousin Jasper Committee. They had their event at the First Presbyterian Church and despite the low cost, it was not well attended, at least not when I stopped by. They did have excellent chili.

Why do you think the free event at the Fairgrounds drew much better than the free event at the Presbyterian Church?

Also on the schedule Saturday was a Pi Day event at the Library followed by an Iditarod program. I did not check them out so I do not know how they went.

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