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Friday, April 10, 2015

22nd Annual Regional Middle Level Art Exhibit

The 22nd Annual Regional Middle Level Art Exhibit is finishing its run in the Core Building at SJC. A tessellation piece made the poster, though I could not find the original at the exhibit.
 Years ago there was a tessellation program called TesselMania that was popular in schools. It no longer works with current operating systems, but the author of that program has updated it with a new program and a new distributor. You can even get a demo of the program that shows what it can do.
I am not quite sure what the assignment was for these portraits. They have a background of tiles with designs.
 A lot of the assignments were assignments in which the students were supposed to create something in the style of an artist or period. The one below was op art. Remember it?
Some of the pieces have awards on them.
 KV students were doing a colored version of zentangles.
I believe there is an awards ceremony this weekend. The awards ceremonies for the primary and high school exhibits were canceled due to snow, so it may be the only one that happens this year.

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