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Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday night pictures

I have not been spending much time lately on this blog--there are some other things that have my interest. But this afternoon I took a long bike ride to check out some things that I know are in flux.

If Anytime Fitness does not succeed, it will not be for lack of promotion.
 I stopped in and talked to the owner. He is totally redoing the space. Up front where the concrete floor has been dug into, new electrical connections are being added. This will be the area for cardio equipment, and all the equipment will come with a TV. Along the north wall will be training rooms, tanning rooms, rest rooms with a shower, and a massage room that will have a large waterbed that has jets of water inside that relax your body.
Because the the space is being totally remodeled, they are running their promotion and sign-up from what was the old Help At Home office. Once they move into their remodeled space, they will not use the old Help At Home space.

Anytime Fitness has franchises across the country.

I stopped by Help At Home and met a familiar face. Help At Home has added a new division that will be providing Day Services. Help At Home is a corporation that offers services in 12 states from 146 branch locations. The services that it provides helps people who otherwise might have to go to a care center.

A new sign was being erected for the restaurant that was Ricos. Someone told me that the name will be Royal Oak.
 Further down Drexel Drive, stone is being placed as the foundation of what will soon be a new city street.
 To the south the building that houses the Laundry Room has a new tenant, the Rensselaer Chamber of Commerce. I was only allowed to take pictures if I promised to come back and take more when the move was complete.
 The office could host a chess or checkers tournament. (Eleven months ago the Chamber was here for a ribbon cutting.)
 The geese that hang out at Donaldson's have goslings in tow. The quarry now has enough water so you cannot see where the turn in the road was.
 Workers at the court house are repairing the retaining wall. Some sections are being patched and others replaced. Earlier this week blocks of limestone were sitting on the floor of what was the Johnny Rusk building.
 One of the blocks had been removed from the wall and still had not been replaced this afternoon.
 There is scaffolding by eMbers--the wall that faces what was Jack's Uptown Service will be tuck pointed. I keep hoping to see the workers there, but so far I have not. I also keep hoping to see workers finishing the decorative pillars by the Front Street parking lot, but nothing has been going on there. All that is left is to put up the iron work and do the plantings.

LaRue Pool was almost full today--it was only half full on Thursday. Now that school is out, pool opening should be coming soon. Maybe I can get to the Park Board meeting Monday night at the old school Admin Building (Monnett School) and find out.
Other meetings on Monday June 1 are the monthly County Commissioner's Meeting at 8:15 and the Drainage Board Meeting at 1:00. The agenda of the first looks short and of the second long, but that may not predict how long the meetings will last.


Grey Friar said...

Thank you for your blog that allows me to keep up with what is going on in Rensselaer and St. Joe from the East Coast.

Jeffrey Kirch said...

And from Rome....good to keep up on the news