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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Some pictures

On Monday the softball season began at Brookside Park.
 A couple hundred yards to the south work began early in the week on paving the area around the veterans' memorial in the newest part of Weston Cemetery.
 This morning asphalt was being put down.
 There are new windows in what will soon be Ayda's Mexican Restaurant.
 Construction seems to be complete on the western entrance to the court house. There are new exterior doors--the original doors are now interior. This entrance is not for the public but only for court house personnel. I think it works with a card swipe so that a record can be kept of who enters here.
 The County Council met on Tuesday night for a very short meeting--less than30 minutes. The main item on the agenda was a request by the coroner to share an employee hired by the sheriff's department at the north annex. The north annex now houses both sheriff employees and the county morgue. The coroner pointed out that there have been 39 coroner cases so far this year. However, because the item did not get on the agenda in time to be advertised, it will be back on the agenda next month for a vote.

John Price noted that property taxes on farm land had increased a lot this year--23% for some of the people who contacted him. He wanted it noted that the county does not set these rates--they are a result of a formula that the state uses that needs to be changed but so far has not been. If you are unhappy, do not contact your county government representative but rather your state government representative.

There was a brief discussion about the need for the council to fill a slot on the Alcohol Beverage Board. Apparently the board does not meet often as it only seems to review new applications for liquor licenses.

Kevin Kelly, who earlier Tuesday evening had been the guest speaker at the meeting of the Jasper Society Historical Society, had a tax abatement document that he wanted the council to bless--it will be taken up at month's meeting. Did you know that Mr Kelly served a term as mayor of Elgin, IL?

The tree outside the auditor's office now has patriotic 4th-of-July decorations.
 The Tourism Commission has given several thousand dollars to support the Rock the Arts event that will be held in July. The sign advertising the event on the side of eMbers has been updated for 2015.
The Tourism Commission has also given funds to help the Jasper County Fair attract a more expensive music event. The Fair Board announced this week that it was bringing Craig Morgan on July 18.

This coming Sunday Morocco will have its annual Homecoming festival. (I have not been very good lately at getting things listed on my Bulletin Board sidebar--sorry.)

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