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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A couple more meetings

The Drainage Board met Monday afternoon, and though it had a long agenda, there was nothing especially interesting on it. NIPSCO appeared to have some routine repair work approved. The engineer for the town of Remington wanted the Board to know what they were thinking in designing runoff for a water treatment plant. Three bids were opened for engineering or design work for the Price tile and the results were turned over the the Board's attorney for review. One citizen wanted work on a tile and was told that there were wetlands involved so getting permits from IDEM and the Army Corps of Engineers was almost impossible. And there were two items where people wanted tiles abandoned and the Board had to check to see what the procedure for that was. In one case it was a tile that was replaced by a ditch many years ago but the tile was never officially abandoned though it is no longer in use. The entire stretch is one farm. The other case was for someone who is establishing a wetlands where the Oliver Ditch meets the Iroquois River and would like a tile to empty out before it reaches the river. He would like it to feed the ponds he is creating.

The Rensselaer Park Board meeting in the evening was short enough so I was able to get to the big meeting about the hospital transfer. A group of soccer players wanted to use the soccer field on Sundays but no one from the group attended the meeting, so no decision was made. LaRue Pool may open on Friday. Getting the pool ready for opening encountered some problem or it would already be open. The main drain did not work properly and somehow that problem was fixed. The circulation pump does not seal properly and though it is running, it is spraying water. The pool and the mechanical equipment that circulates the water was built in the late 1940s, and getting parts to repair problems is often not possible--they need to be fabricated locally. There was no news of Brookside Park improvements. The members present discussed a variety of items such as who gets the revenue from the sign at Laird's Landing (no one knew), port-a-potties, skate parks, and how much information the Board and the Corporation should make public. The next meeting is July 6.

The soccer field had a layer of fog early one morning the week. Summer has returned, so we may not see fog again for a while.

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