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Thursday, June 18, 2015

A few non-flood items

The flooding continues and it is getting old. It appeared that the river was cresting this morning at about 16.67 feet but the rain this afternoon will either prolong the crest or give us one somewhat higher. The high in 2003 was 16.59, so we appear to have broken that record. I had a meeting in Monon this afternoon and was impressed with how much water was in the fields near Laird's Landing. There is a lot of water that has to drain through Rensselaer.

Other things are happening. On Tuesday I went to the annual carry-in dinner and meeting of the Jasper County Historical Society. The talk after the meal was about the many houses that Fred McColley built in the early part of the twentieth and the last bit of the 19th centuries. He built many of Rensselaer's finest homes, usually in the Craftsman style. Brian Capouch gave the talk and his notes for the talk are here.

Because of this meeting, I missed the County Council meeting. I did not see anything that looked really exciting on the agenda, but appearances are often deceiving.

There was supposed to be a ground breaking ceremony for the new Comfort Suites that is being built by I-65 but it was postponed. Actual ground breaking has already occurred.

The public relations sign announcing the motel has been covered with rules and regulations.
 The competition down the road has a new name. It used to be Knights Inn.
 Also on Wednesday Teen Mission held a fund raiser. The teens and pre-teens in the program put on a variety show and the audience voted for the best act by contributing money. Teen Mission will be active in late July and early August doing work to help people.
Of course the big story is the flood. Here is a picture to follow up some pictures I had early in flood of the bridge over the creek in Weston Cemetery. This is what the bridge looked like on Thursday.
What--you cannot see the bridge? That is because it is three or four feet under the water.

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GreyFriar said...

I appreciate your posts on the flood in Rensselaer. I was back for the RCHS Class of 1965 reunion over the weekend and saw the beginnings of the flood on Friday through Monday. In fact, our first gathering at Curtis Creek Friday night was moved because the Friday afternoon storm took out CC's electricity. The fields and ditches around Newland are also full of water. And I've seen your URL to a couple of classmates who didn't make it back to Rensselaer.