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Monday, June 15, 2015

Enough rain

We keep getting a bit more rain every day. The downtown weather station says we got more than an inch today, and there may be more on the way later tonight. The latest downpour put water over the road in Brookside Park and also on Bunkum. There is still a big line of rain that should pass though our area in a few hours.
The river would be down below ten feet at the measuring station if we had not gotten all the rain we have had in week. You can see the effect of the 12th and again on the 13th, and today's rain may send it back over 14 feet. We have not been setting records for the day because the huge flood in 1958 occurred on these days, but tomorrow we may beat it.
I saw on Facebook a report that kids were jumping into the river from the bowstring bridge.  That is not a smart thing to do, but kids will be kids,

I think today's rain dooms the river float that was scheduled for Saturday.

The weather forecast says we may get more rain each day for the rest of the week. Do you think we will see the river beat its peak on the 9th and 10th?

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