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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Some more flood pictures

The river has risen several inches since this morning. Below is a picture of the hydrant at Lincoln and Elza. Can you see it? Only a little of the top is above water.
 This is a common sight as you walk or bike the streets of Rensselaer.
Some kids were playing in the water on College Street this evening. It is more than knee deep, and considerably deeper if one goes into the park. There is also a current in this water.
The water is up to the Washington Street Bridge on the south side. There are still a few inches of clearance on the north side. The Indiana Department of Transportation has this bridge on its repair or replacement list. They need to make it a little higher.
 I think the water has reached the floor of Ayda's. The door is sandbagged.
Here is the water flowing under the College Street Bridge. You can see in the picture that the water is moving rapidly. The latest water flow statistic for Laird's Landing is that the flow is 2830 cubic feet per second and the river is at 16.53 feet.
 If you have sandbags around your house, you may have pumps that do this.
 The USGS water site for Laird's Landing has this graph showing yearly peaks. It seems clear to me that there is an upward trend in these points. Do you think better field drainage might be a reason?
If you go downstream to Foresman, that site is only at a moderate flood stage, and further downstream at Sheldon, their peak flow is still well below the 1958 flow. Both are still waiting for the peak from this flood.

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Anonymous said...

Someone needs to advise those people to stay out of the floodwater. You don't know what kind of bacteria is in it.