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Saturday, July 18, 2015

An announcement and other things to end the week

Embers had a special event to make a special announcement. The entertainment for the event was provided by Milton and Carsie Blanton, both shown here for the one song they did together.

Between sets those in attendance went outside for the special announcement. The light and clouds were awesome. The storm had passed and the trailing edges of the dark clouds were light with sunlight.
 We gathered in the event tent that had been set up for a wedding reception last weekend and had a glass of champagne. The news was that the Musches, the owners of Embers, have purchased the property next to them, which was Jack's Uptown Service, and are making plans to repurpose the building. Exactly what the building will become is still a secret, but in response to my questions, I was told that it will be awesome.
Lots of other things are happening, too many to put in individual posts. The County Fair starts today. Yesterday I stopped by to check it out. The Pioneer Village area of the Historical Society has gotten fresh paint and some repairs.
 The dog show is always held the day before the other animals arrive--the dogs do not mix well with other animals. Here members of the queens court serve as obstacles to see how well the dog follows its owner.
 I was impressed at how well the kids followed orders. The dogs did well, too.

The campgrounds looked almost full of the trailers and campers that make the fairgrounds home for the week. Many of the 4H exhibits have already been judged, but the building was not open for a sneak preview. Lafayette Tent and Awning had set up the tents they rented and many of the other temporary structures were in place. John Deere was moving vehicles from their lot to the fairgrounds. There is a lot of work to putting on a county fair.

Dirt is being moved for the new fire station.
 At SJC the faded signs on the Recreation Center were being repainted.
I noticed this sprayer as I was on Sparling Avenue and was amazed at how long the spray arms are.

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