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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

More scenes from the county fair

The Jasper County Fair remains a popular destination with lots of events. On Monday the free stage hosted Slim Pickins, a Bluegrass band.

 On Tuesday Blend, an accapella group, performed.
 On Monday evening hogs were being shown in the Show Arena.
 Little goats had their turn on Tuesday evening.
 The sheep were making fashion statements.
 The always popular battle of the barns competition took place on Tuesday evening.
 I thought this might be one of the teams for the battle of the barns until I read the backs of their shirts. The queen and her court served as referees, making sure the participants ran the obstacles correctly.
 A lot of kids were there either as spectators or participants.
On Tuesday evening the retired iron tractors traveled into Rensselaer to visit the Farmers Market and then after they returned to the fairgrounds they paraded again. Things slowed down when there were mechanical failures. There is good reason some of that iron is retired.
 On Tuesday a demonstration of how wheat used to be thrashed was given by the Retired Iron building. There were a lot of belts on the old machines.
 The carnival vendor is Anderson Amusements from Ohio.
 There was no fire, just smoke from the tractor and truck pulls on Monday evening.
 Part of a large collection of insects is on display in the Community Building. The man who owns the collection said his father began the collection in 1958. Even the little bit on display is impressive--the entire collection must be huge.
 On Monday evening William Roeschlein was demonstrating egg decorating and tatting in the Community Building.
 On Tuesday evening a lady from Lafayette was showing how she works with glass.
 In the mall by the livestock barns Fast Action Motor Sports was letting people race cars. It must have been difficult because there were lots of pile ups and crashes.
Just three more days of the greatest show in Jasper County.

(The Fountain Park Chautauqua has begun and a couple people have told me I should check it out, that it, too, is a great show. Maybe some year, but not this one.)

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