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Friday, July 31, 2015

Myers Retrospective at Fendig

The current exhibit at the Fendig Gallery is a large collection of art from Doris Myers. It runs until September 11, 2015. The opening reception drew more people than I have ever seen at a Fendig Gallery reception.

Many of Doris Myers' paintings are floral pieces or landscapes, This winter scene used to hang in the dental offices of Dr Bausman.
 Often her landscapes feature trees and water, with the trees reflected in the water.
 She showed her talents at an early age. This is a water color from 1936 when she was in eighth grade. The exhibit also includes her sketch book from high school, which has fashion designs and sketches of faces.
 This is a well-known sight (and site) in Jasper County.
 The exhibit includes a bit of her work as a potter. This set of dinnerware was done for the Grow family and is part of a setting for 18.
 Each plate has the Grow Farms icon.
The Fendig Gallery is currently open Monday through Friday from noon until 2:00, with extended hours till 5:00 on Tuesday.

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Do go to Doris Myers Exhibit!