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Friday, July 17, 2015

Ribbon Cutting at Royal Oak Family Restaurant

On Thursday the Chamber of Commerce had a ribbon cutting for the newly opened Royal Oak Family Restaurant in the building that was formerly Ricos.
The owner was once a partner in the Harvest Time Restaurant in Monticello but is not longer part of that business.

The floor plan is considerably different from what it had been as Rico's. The bar area, which you cannot see in this photo but is in the back and to the left, will be a room for special events. The kitchen area has been enlarged and occupies some of what had been seating when it was Rico's. My memories of Rico's are a bit vague because it I only ate there a few times and not in the last few years it was open, but it seems to me that this front area was divided and the part nearest the camera was a separate room.
Unlike many of the readers of this blog, I have not eaten there yet and am not sure when I will. However, even if I had tasted their food, I would not give a food review--food reviews are not something I feel comfortable doing.

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