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Monday, July 20, 2015

Scenes from the county fair

I did not make it out to the fair on Saturday--the heat and humidity sucked away all my energy. I did get out there yesterday (Sunday) afternoon. There were a lot of people there and a lot going on.

When I got there the Madd Hoss Jackson Band was on the free stage. They were also the opening act for the grandstand show.
 The main act in the grandstand was Craig Morgan. He travels with a lot of stuff.
 An even more famous person was at the fair: Cinderella. Little girls could have their picture taken with her. I asked what happened to Elsa and was told she had been at the the fair earlier and had already left. But Barbie was coming soon.
 In the show arena little kids were getting practice in showing animals. We start them young in Jasper County.
 In the 4H exhibit hall this bench made from old car parts caught my eye. Judging from the ribbons, it also must have caught the eye of the judge.
 In the mall by the animal barns various age groups were vying for trophies with a pedal tractor pull.
 The Community Band gave an excellent performance in the Retired Iron Building. The director said that they were looking for new members and that they have a weekly practice at South Newton High School.
 There were a lot of food booths, many returning from past years and some new. I recognized the typeface on this food booth.
 There is a new carnival providing the rides this year. They were still setting up the rides late in the afternoon.
 Another attraction was a man showing exotic animals to an audience with lots of kids. This critter is from Central and South American and is a relative of the raccoon, a coatimundi.
 There may have been even more of these dioramas this year than in the past.
 Barbie finally made it to the fair.
 There is a petting zoo again this year near the exhibition halls.
 I visited some of the people at the Volunteer Fair but never did get a picture.

The owner of Anytime Fitness recognized me and posed for a picture.
There is always something happening at the county fair and there is not entry fee. I hope to get out a few more times this week.

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