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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Will it ever stop?

Rensselaer got two and a half inches of rain last night and is getting light rain as I write this, and probably will get a bit more light rain off and on this morning. Two and a half inches coming two days after 1.6 inches that was on ground only partially recovered from 18 inches in June had predictable results. The river has passed the 12-foot mark, which is flood stage, and will probably crest at about 13--my extrapolation of the graph. But the river flooding is not what makes this event interesting, at least not yet. It is the flood that the rain itself caused that is interesting.

The track at Brookside Park is mostly under water and there is water over the grass by the restrooms.
 More impressive is the amount of water in the new addition of Weston Cemetery. This is runoff from the higher ground to the north and it has not had a chance to drain yet, but it will.
 The swale that crosses SR 114 near the power plant had lots of water and lots of trucks going through it. Most of the garbage trucks slowed down for the water and tried to get into the middle of the road. Others did not slow down as much and made bigger splashes. It was not a good idea to park cars here--they are getting drenched repeatedly.
Let's hope we do not get another big rain in the next week.

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