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Monday, August 24, 2015

A few notes, Aug 24 2015

The rail crossing on Cullen is still closed, but the wooden beams have been installed along the rails. It looks ready for the asphalt crew.
Speaking of asphalt, the newly paved road in the Drexel Industrial Park is still not open to traffic, but this morning there were people working on getting it ready. It still needs a stop sign.

Saint Joseph's College has a new "sign" at the east entrance to the Core Building. It is a directory. Playing with it, I brought up the screen showing the area gas stations. I never knew there was one way out on Bunkum Road.
A sign on a bulletin board announced tryouts for the fall play, which will be The Liar by David Ives. It is a comedy.

The exterior of the old Hoover House building, very soon to be Ayda's, is ready for painting and that should happen this week. I was allowed in and the interior is almost finished and looks very nice. The goal is to be open before the Little Cousin Jasper Festival.
While there, I met a friend and she told me that in the 1930s this was the Harris Creamery. She did know know if ice cream was produced here, but there was a soda fountain. Adya's will not be the first business selling food from this location.

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