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Friday, August 7, 2015

A splash park and other things

On the way back to Rensselaer from Indianapolis Thursday morning, I stopped by Remington's Community Park to see their new splash park. I had never been to this park and until recently did not know that it existed. It is northwest of Remington. You head west out of Remington and turn north on CR 630 W, go past the Sacred Heart Cemetery, and you will see the soccer fields on your right. The park also has a baseball field and what appears to be a softball field or perhaps a tee-ball field, tennis courts, and a basketball court.

The new splash park will open on Saturday after a ribbon cutting.

 A splash park is like playing in the water sprinkler but on a much bigger scale. The park hours are 9:00 am until 10:00 pm and the park has a timer to only allow water on during these times. (The baseball field is in the background.)
 There is a sign on the building (I am not sure what the building is for) that refers to a pool. There is no pool. The water runs to a central drain and is recycled. There is another sign that has the rules and regulations for the area.
Remington's splash park will be opening shortly before Rensselaer's LaRue Pool closes. The last regular day will be Monday the 10th, with an extra weekend for the 15th and 16th. The closing of the pool is determined by the opening of school. First day of classes are Tuesday. I would not be surprised if a lot of Rensselaer people visit the new splash park in the next month or two. (The Facebook page of Remington Community Park is here.)

I attended my first and the season's last free movie at Fountain Stone Theaters. The film was the second Spongebob movie and I doubt if anyone can give a quick summary of the plot, which involved time travel, interaction between the cartoon world and the real world, a pirate that seemed to belong in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, and dolphins that escaped from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Before a drawing for a free bike, the audience was asked to show hands to indicate from whence they came. I was surprised at how many were from Newton and Pulaski counties. (I had a young guest, which is my excuse for going to a kid's movie.)

On Tuesday night there was a Business After Hours event at SJC. I met a few familiar faces that were at the College when I was there and some new people who have arrived since. SJC is projecting about 300 new students with more than usual number of foreign students. There will be eight new faculty members plus a variety of new administrators. I noticed a couple of changes a few days previously. The hall of the Core Building has a purple stripe and the tennis courts have been resurfaced.

On Wednesday night the Airport Authority met at the airport. There was nothing big on the agenda. (The big pending item is a grant from the FAA to build a new fuel farm.) The meeting discussed if the airport should have model airplane policy (model airplanes can be a way to attract young people to aviation but operating them at the airport may interfere with regular airport operations), a terminal building area archeological study (needed for erecting buildings in new areas and once done will not have to be done again), website development (the new website will be and the site is active but still without content), and an invitation to put the recently purchased snow plow truck in the antique truck show for the Fall Festival. The airport manager reported that attendance at the EAA 828 Fly In was very good with displays from Fair Oaks Farms, Civil Aviation Patrol, Vincennes & Indiana State, and StatFlight (the medical helicopter). He was also happy with traffic going to a big air show in Oshkosh, WI, with 54 guests from 13 states stopping by, mostly to refuel. Finally, a budget was approved for submission to the County Council, probably at their September meeting.

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