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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Pictures 08-12-2015

Today (Thursday) was new student move in day at SJC. Many athletes and other students were already on campus. They probably did not get greeted by the guy in the Puma costume.
Various tables and booths were being set up in front of Halleck Center. The Chamber of Commerce had its tent and was preparing its signage when I passed by.
Rensselaer Schools have been in session since Tuesday. On Wednesday morning I took this picture of band practice. The students were without instruments, so they much have been practicing the marching routines.
The entrance to the track/football field has a new coat of asphalt. I do not remember this much paving.
Not yet paved is the new addition to Drexel Avenue. This is the view looking south. In a few days it should be quite different.
The fire station is rising above ground. Work there is proceeding rapidly.
I noticed three new soccer fields, all quite small, in the old Monnett School property. If I had been able to attend the Park Board meeting on Monday I would know more.
Finally, I saw the Hoosier State on Wednesday morning and took a picture of the Iowa Pacific equipment that is now in service. It is hard to get good pictures early in the morning or late at night because you have to shoot into the light. This is a picture of the train leaving the station. The engine that you see here was at the end of the train. The train had an engine at either end.
TV cable is doing a switchover in service today and my Internet connection has been off and on. I have not connected the new box. If I understand correctly, it will now cost extra to get the capability to record shows. That seems to me to be a step backward.

Addendum: There is a good article about Uber service in Rensselaer in Thursday's Rensselaer Republican.

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Jasper County Historical Society said...

Great photos. I particularly was surprised to see the dead fish and the Hoosier State train. Thank you again....