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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Pictures from the Fall Festival

The 2015 Fall Festival will finish up tomorrow (Sunday). On Saturday I spent a couple hours looking around. The band on the stage when I arrived was the Eel Band.
An unusual booth was an artist who did quick sketches of people.
On display in the Retired Iron building was Rensselaer's first motorized fire truck. It held very little water.
 The plaque has the city officials when the fire truck was purchased. Charles Spitler died in 1926, so it was purchased before that date.
 I discovered that there was a little room in the Retired Iron Building that is called a museum. It does not have much in it. I am not sure what this piece of machinery did. Anyone know what it is?
 I wonder how old this sign is.
 There was a display of items, mostly pens or mechanical pencils, just outside the building. When would this thermometer have been made.
 Remember when yardsticks were a common give-away. There was a collection of them on display as well.
 Next door an old gas engine was pumping the water that the windmill cannot--the windmill has been disconnected from the pump for several years.
 Other than this picture of the ultimate pickup truck, I did not get good pictures from the antique truck show.
 I am not sure what was inside of this large inflatable.
 After the Eel Band, next on the free stage were the Frisbee Dogs. I was lucky to get an action shot. The Frisbee Dogs were scheduled for three shows during the day.
However, my favorite event of the day were the Dancing Tractors. I have never seen anything quite like them. Here is a tiny sample of their act. Since a square dance has male and female partners, four of the drivers were dressed as women. The act was unusual, demonstrated a lot of skill, and was very funny. I hope they come back again to some festival or fair.

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Charlie Clawson said...

The piece of equipment you asked the question about is a hay mow trolley.