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Monday, November 23, 2015

A problem with solar power

Sunday was a bright, clear day with lots of sun. Despite the abundant sunshine, it was not a good day for solar power generation at our local solar park. (The sign was not there the last time I visited.)

The storm that passed through on Saturday left the solar panels covered in snow.

The panels should be snow free in a day or two--the forecast is for warmer weather this week.

The low on Sunday morning at the downtown weather station was 7 degrees. That is about twenty degrees colder than it has been so far this fall. Ninety or 95% of the city streets are dry, but watch out for the five to ten percent that have ice.

The new fire station still is not enclosed. There will be some cold work to do in the next month or two.

Have you encountered the adult coloring book craze? I checked on Amazon on Saturday night and nine of the top twenty selling books were adult coloring books. They are supposed to relieve stress.


Anonymous said...

yes, i have noticed the adult coloring craze. I walked in Micheals the other day to see about a frame, and they had about a million adult coloring books right when you walk in the store! I almost bought one!

RoadRunner1117 said...

The Rensselaer Library has adult coloring books and pencils available during their
"UFO & Mindful Coloring Group" program at the library on the last Monday of the month. Check it out here:

Anonymous said...

I've seen them, and I suppose you're supposed to stay ON the lines and color betwixt if you want. Reminds me of paint-by-number fad.

Anonymous said...

Nice selection of adult coloring books available at Long's Gifts.

Jeffrey Kirch said...

Where is the solar park?

Dessert Survivor said...

Several people have wondered where the solar park is. It is at the east end of Maple Street, even further east than the State of Indiana Highway Department. (The east end of Maple Street is covered in road salt from the snow plows that leave from there.) Also on Maple Street are Chief Industries and National Gypsum. The solar park is north of National Gypsum. Since the road deadends at a drainage ditch, it is not a road that many people drive, so few people ever pass by the solar park. You can get an aerial view from Google Maps.