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Monday, November 30, 2015

Construction update Nov 30, 2015

  On Sunday I visited the I-65/SR114 intersection to see what progress was being made on the two construction projects there. If you drive west on SR114 you will notice piles of blue pipe along the road. The installation of this pipe, which will bring city water to the east side of the I-65 intersection, has been completed only to a bit east of McDonalds. I suspect that once out of the commercial area and east of the Interstate Motel, progress will be much faster. It will connect to the existing water main that reaches to the County Fairgrounds.
 It does not seem like its been six weeks since I checked progress on the Comfort Suites, but time flies. I was surprised to see a crew laying bricks on Sunday. Perhaps they need to use whatever decent weather they can get.
 Here is the view from the other side.
 On the west side of the intersection, the Grandma's building continues to decay. I heard several weeks ago that the gas tanks had been removed.
With city water and sewer on the east side of the intersection and not on the west, it may be hard to find anyone willing to remove this eyesore and build on this lot.

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