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Friday, December 4, 2015

A very short art exhibit

SJC has an end-of-semester student art exhibit in the lobby of the Core Building. It runs only from Dec 2 to Dec 8. (SJC is closing the dorms on Dec 10 and reopening them on Jan 10, so the campus will be quiet and mostly locked up for a month.)

There are a lot of interesting drawings.

One class must have had an assignment to do something with a tree. There were a number of interacting or expressive trees. Here one tree is consoling another that has had its top lopped off. It is entitled, "The Unseen Pain of A Tree."

This tree drawing by another student is titled "The Observer."

There are also ceramics on display. This tea or coffee pot has a resemblance to the tree drawings.

The Art Department has its studios in Raleigh Hall, which is also home to a weight room for the athletic teams. I noticed that the weight-room part of the building has a new name on it. (The sign has probably been there for months, but I just noticed it.)

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