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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Another record to close out the year

The river broke its previous flow record for December 29. The previous high flow was quite recent, in 2009, with a flow of 1720 cubic feet per second. It was slightly above that this morning and as I write this in the evening, it is at 1900 cubic feet per second and the river is still rising. We will close the year with a new record, adding to a whole lot set in June. (However, we will not set a flow record for December 30 even though the river is higher than it was on the 29th. The old record is from 1991 with a flow of 2200 cfs. The river is peaking today at about 1940 cfs.)

This is a minor flood, with only a few roads closed and most of those in Weston Cemetery. In June the rails on this bridge were a foot or two below the water.
A flood seems to be defined as whenever the river is over its banks. It is about a foot and a half over when I checked a few minutes ago. It was a bit lower when I took this picture from the bowstring arch bridge looking toward the Washington Street Bridge.
If the temperatures are cold enough this week, there will be interesting ice formations on the trees shown above as the water recedes.

I missed a couple of meeting on Monday night. The BZA agenda had one item, a special exception for a business to repair and assemble firearms. The Plan Commission met to discuss further the Unified Development Ordinance. I did not notice that they were meeting until after their meetings were over.

The Carnegie Players are holding auditions for their winter production, Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. Auditions are January 4 & 5 6:30 to 8:00 at the First Presbyterian Church. The play will be held at the First Presbyterian Church on March 4 & 5.


Gerrit DeVries said...

You didn't "miss" the BZA or the Plan Commission meetings as thankfully both were cancelled due to the icy weather conditions.

Anonymous said...

Thank for the details. We can always county on Rensselaer Adventures to keep Iroquois River date.