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Thursday, January 28, 2016


I saw at least two bald eagles today in the area around Weston Cemetery. I was alerted to something unusual by the calls of a couple red tailed hawks that seemed not to care for the eagles. As the eagles ventured north, they attracted the attention of crows, who also did not like them around. Below is a picture of two eagles, one in flight and one in the tree, being harassed by crows, the little birds in the picture.

Below is a better shot of one of the eagles. My camera is limited and this is not a good picture of an eagle. But it is picture of an eagle that was flying around Rensselaer.
In other news, the text of the Frost Law that the Commissioners passed earlier this month is now available on the county website.

Embers has announced some changes and plans. It will have a public event with entertainment every first Friday of the month. See here for details and here for upcoming events. Every third Thursday of the month they will have an event called Nightcap with the Arts. It will be a monthly art workshop featuring instruction and will not be alcohol free. Details are here.

The old gas station next to Embers will become the Foundry, a "downtown bistro styled eatery with indoor seating with a full bar and additional outdoor seating under a pavilion and outdoor art installations." The projected opening is not before 2018. You can read more about the Foundry here.

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