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Friday, January 22, 2016

Tidbits from the Tourism Commission Meeting

The Tourism Commission met Friday in a meeting that had been postponed from January 9. They approved several invoices for services and memberships and considered several requests for funds. The representative from the South Shore Convention and Visitor Authority reported on the assistance they had given five community festivals and also on a brochure being prepared for distribution. The various rest areas along the interstates are the primary places people pick up these brochures.

There was some discussion of the bison-tennial. This has so far bypassed Jasper County because we do not have United Way fundraising and the project is sponsored by United Way. I saw notice of it on some Benton County Facebook pages. Here is some info on it if you are interested. During the discussion there was mention that the Nature Conservancy was interested in putting some real buffalo on their property in Newton County.

Last year the Commission gave some money to help SJC get a basketball tournament up and running over the Thanksgiving weekend. The second annual tournament is being planned for 2016 and already the men's teams are set (Salem International, Upper Iowa, Grand Valley State).  Little Cousin Jasper Festival wants to get more participation in their 5K and is planning to use professional timing and perhaps moving the race to Sunday morning. The Saturday race conflicts with a popular race in Valpo. They also want to increase activities for kids and plan to revive the Hee Haw.

A representative from the Northwest Indiana Paddlers Association was present to ask for some financial help for the their Kankakee River Float held with Wheatfield's Sandhill Crane Festival. Last year with about 250 people participating, it was the largest paddling event in the state. Someone mentioned that the Kankakee River may be designated a National Water Trail during Indiana's Bicentennial Year.

The Jasper County Fair Association had a request for funds but no one to speak for their proposal. The Commission approved money for their headline entertainment and also for fireworks planned for the 4th of July.

Next month's meeting may be February 7 or if there is not enough for an agenda, may be pushed back later in the month.

The East is being hit with a major snow storm, one that totally missed us. 

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