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Friday, January 8, 2016

Tree plaque (Updated)

In the early days of this blog I did posts on all the plaques around town that I could find. I noticed a new one a while back and because we are in the time of the year when not a lot is happening, I stopped by to take a picture.
It recognizes the largest elm tree in Rensselaer. The tree got official recognition at a City Council meeting last July. Below is the tree without leaves.
Fog in the winter is often the sign of a change in the weather. We will go from warm and wet to cold in the next few days. The forecasters say we may get a few inches of snow.
We have had a mild winter up to this point. The West has gotten much cold weather.

Update: We have a winter storm watch for Saturday night and Sunday morning. We may get several inches of snow, with more to our north and less to our south. SJC originally planned to open its dorms on Sunday but now is allowing students back on Saturday if they want to try to avoid the bad weather forecast for Sunday.

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