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Monday, February 22, 2016

A quick city council meeting

Tonight's City Council meeting lasted 18 minutes.

Reverend Smith gave an invocation and during public comments said that on April 15-17 twenty area churches would be sponsoring an event called Revive Indiana. It will have people knocking on doors and perhaps some other features.

The agenda had three items, an ordinance to cancel outstanding checks that are more than two years old, several cemetery deeds, and a request for a family medical leave.

An open house is being planned for the new fire house. It will be held June 25. Below is picture of the state of construction as of Sunday.

Police Chief Phillips said that the state has told him there will be no traffic light at the Melville SR 114 intersection. The traffic count is now lower than what it was at the last count and it does not meet the requirements for a light. He also said that at the next meeting he would talk about a proposed radio system grant that seems to be connected to the communication tower that the Sheriff had been discussing with the county for months.

Councilman Odle asked the city attorney about the proposed sale of the Monnett building. It will be on the agenda for the next meeting.

Mr Bowles said that the computers purchased for council use have arrived and are being configured. Ron DeMoss said that the cemetery building had a furnace failure and that a new furnace costing $2800 had been ordered after the mayor's approval.

Assistant Street Superintendent Daniels announced that drilling was finished on the test well at SJC and that the contractor had installed some casing. A twenty four hour test will soon be run to see if the well can produce sufficient water.

Project Manager Lockridge said that there are upcoming meetings to discuss state resurfacing of US 231. This year the state will be resurfacing US 231 from SR 16 to the Washington Street Bridge. In 2017 the Washington Street Bridge will be rebuilt--everything except the pillars. The city must decide what to do with the water main that is attached to the bridge. Water service to the I-65 interchange is mostly done with service lines installed and one meter also installed. The customer with the meter may be getting city water as early as tomorrow.

It was the last City Council meeting for Weston Cemetery Superintendent Ron DeMoss.

All of that in just 18 minutes.

On to other topics. I heard multiple flocks of sandhill cranes flying over today. If they were not so noisy, no one would notice them because they fly so high.

In another sign of spring, Spring Break begins for SJC students March 4. Their baseball and softball teams are already playing games. The college choir had a concert on Sunday and their final concert will be on April 17 in the Chapel.

There is a new house under construction on Sunset Drive in the subdivision off Sparling.

The Library is hosting a stuffed animal sleepover this Friday. Kids can dump off one stuffed animal at 4:00 and pick them up the next morning at 11:00 and enjoy a picnic lunch. (I am sure my grandkids would an event like this.)

I found the gateway that was mentioned at the public hearing on the Wellness Center. It contains a huge amount of financial information about all Indiana local public entities, though it may take you a while to find them. The URL is Another site that lets you look at government is one that contains pay for federal employees. It is here. It does not seem to be run by the government.

Finally, below is a picture of a light that will illuminate the parking lot of the new fire station. It seems to be LED.


Julie Hesson said...

Thank you Ron DeMoss for a job well done as sexton of Weston Cemetery for the past 18 years. I will miss you! Enjoy your retirement! Stop by sometime to say, "Hello," to catch up or just to rub it in. Thank you again, Ron.
Best wishes.

Desert Survivor said...

The light is also night sky friendly. :)