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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Odds and Ends, Feb 13, 2016

The cold weather has again put ice on slower moving sections of our little river.
The forecast is that it will warm up next week.

SJC hosted the annual regional Science Olympiad today. Some of the students must have gotten up much earlier than normal. They found the stairwell in the Science Building a good place to nap. (It is carpeted.)
Every team had its own special tee shirt.
The teams that come to this regional competition varies from year to year. The Rensselaer Middle School was at SJC again this year and the high school team again chose to go elsewhere.

The well drilling rig is still in the field west of SJC. The ice around shows that they hit water. The question is whether they hit enough to make the well worth developing.
The Pub has reopened and today was its grand opening.

This past week I had to go to West Lafayette to sign a paper. I noticed that there were piles of stone and some kind of construction going on at the US 231 and I-65 intersection. What are they doing?

At the US 231 and I-65 intersection in White County the gas station and the Ludys Restaurant are closed. When I passed by several weeks ago they looked closed, but this time I was on 231 and it was clear that both were closed.

The big building that White County built on the Jasper County line on U.S. 231 is still empty.

Several weeks ago a car knocked down some utility poles near the entrance of Weston Cemetery. One of them had a street light. The street light has been replaced with a LED light. Its light is whiter than the other street lights in the area.

LEDs are the future of home lighting. GE has decided to phase out their production of CFLs by the end of the year. I doubt if many people will be rushing to stock up before they gone.

Some of the street grindings produced when the City resurfaced streets last fall are now in Brookside Park, giving a new surface to the track. (They have been there for months, but I never got around to mentioning that.) I am old enough to remember cinder tracks.
This weekend we have two holidays to celebrate, Valentine's Day and Presidents Day. Government offices including city offices and services will be closed on Monday, as will banks.

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Ed said...

The new blue/white street lamp LEDs are the number one nemesis of the dark skies/light pollution special interests. The light spectrum is significantly in the blue... the part of the spectrum that ruins our night vision and provides a more piercing light. Unfortunately the warmer amber LEDs are hard to come by and only installed in cities that make a concerted effort to reduce light pollution.