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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Testing the well

On Tuesday I noticed vehicles near the test well west of Sparling Avenue.

I was excited to see water gushing from a pipe coming from the well. It was dumping into the ditch that runs behind the youth center on Sparling and that drains into Lake Banet. It looked like a lot of water to me, but we will see what the official results are. I believe they were planning a 24-hour test. Perhaps results will be announced at the next City Council meeting.
On Monday I was happy to see black snow. One of the snow piles in the College Mall had melted enough to concentrate the dirt.
On Tuesday about an inch of snow fell, covering much of the dirt. Winter returns for a few more days.
On Monday city trucks were hauling snow from various places to the old pump house lot on Bunkum.

On Tuesday I saw turkey vultures, the first I have seen this year. A few days ago I hear grackles. The birds think spring is here.

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