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Monday, April 18, 2016

Earth Day

The annual Earth Day festivities took place in Brookside Park on Saturday. One event was a 5K race. From this starting point some 5Ks go north to John Deere Road and back and others go out Bunkum and come back. However, this race took a third route, into Weston Cemetery, over the Talbert Bridge, out Sparling, and back. Despite the nice weather, there were not many runners.
 One of the displays had a poster praising earthworms. I could not resist pointing out that some people consider them an invasive species.
It seemed a little strange that along with Earth Day, the end of last week saw some big trees coming down. On Friday workers were removing this huge maple along Lincoln.
By the end of the day it was down but still not cut up. The pile of wood chips was impressive.
On Saturday trees were being cut down by St. Augustine's Church. I think they were ash, which are being destroyed by in emerald ash borer, an invader from Asia.
Below a second tree is being cut to pieces.
 On Monday workers were back on Lincoln cutting the remaining trees on the site of the future high water treatment plant.
By the end of the day all the trees that had been on the site were down. There are a lot of tree stumps, several very large.

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